Ebba von Eckermann

May 21, 1866 - Oct 16, 1960

Ebba Johanna Cecilia von Eckermann née von Hallwyl was a Swedish women's rights activist.
Ebba von Eckermann was the daughter of Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl and sister of Ellen Roosval von Hallwyl. She was a student of the Wallinska skolan in 1882-84, and had the wish to continue to study architecture at the university; her parents, however, disagreed and wished for her to follow custom, and instead, she was introduced in high society to find a husband. In 1886 she married the noble officer and courtier Wilhelm von Eckermann.
von Eckermann is known for the gatherings she hosted between educated women and working class women in her home: the purpose was for women from different classes to be acquainted and learn from each other. She was a central figure for the feminists and women's rights activists within more conservative right-wing circles.
Ebba von Eckermann was a member of the board and vice chairperson of Fredrika-Bremer-Förbundet, a member of the board of the hospitals Sophiahemmet and Eugeniahemmet, and engaged within the Red Cross and the Sveriges flickors scoutförbund, and founded a household school.
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