Henri-Pierre Danloux

Feb 24, 1753 - Jan 3, 1809

Henri-Pierre Danloux was a French painter and draftsman.
He was born in Paris. Brought up by his architect uncle, Danloux was a pupil of Lépicié and later of Vien, whom he followed to Rome in 1775. In 1783, he returned to Lyon and Paris, where he was patroned by the Baronne Mégret de Sérilly d'Etigny, who secured for him a number of important portrait commissions exclusively for the aristocracy. He emigrated to London in 1792 thereby escaping the French Revolution and its potential consequences.
While in England, he was commissioned for portraits of the officer class and the well-to-do. Members of one such family, the Lamberts of Oxfordshire, engaged the master in 1800 and had sittings for its individual members: father, mother and son, himself, later in life, serving in the Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards, a Deputy Lieutenant for Oxfordshire and High Sheriff [Peter Lambert from a letter - Pawsey & Payne, 1973]. Danloux, returned to Paris in 1801, there resuming his career.
Danloux was influenced by fashionable English portrait painters such as Thomas Lawrence, John Hoppner, and George Romney.
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