Ignacy Daszyński

Oct 26, 1866 - Oct 31, 1936

Ignacy Ewaryst Daszyński was a Polish socialist politician, journalist, and very briefly Prime Minister of the Second Polish Republic's first government, formed in Lublin in 1918.
In October 1892 he cofounded the Polish Social Democratic Party, a precursor to the Polish Socialist Party. In 1897 he was elected to the Austrian Parliament and remained there until 1918.
From 1903 he took part in several congresses and gatherings of the International Socialist Party, advocating for the independence and reunification of all Polish territories, as an integral part of the Polish socialist program. In 1912 he began a long collaboration with future Marshal and Chief of State Józef Pilsudski. He was appointed editor-in-chief of the Socialist newspaper Naprzód, published in Kraków.
Following World War I, Daszyński cofounded the Polish National Committee, and for a few days he served as head of the Provisional People's Government of the Republic of Poland formed in the city of Lublin on 7 November 1918. On 26 January 1919 he was elected to the Polish Sejm, and was re-elected in 1922, 1928, and 1930.
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