Jacques Blanchard

Oct 1, 1600 - 1638

Jacques Blanchard, also known as Jacques Blanchart, was a French baroque painter who was born in Paris. He was raised and taught by his uncle, the painter Nicolas Bollery. Jacques’s brother and son, Jean-Baptiste Blanchard and Gabriel Blanchard, respectively were also painters.
Despite his polished and prolific output as a religious and decorative painter, very little is known of Blanchard’s early development. He apparently spent his adolescence apprenticed at the Paris studio of his maternal uncle Nicolas Baullery. By 1618, he travelled to Lyon to work in the studio of Horace le Blanc, who must have recognised the young artist’s promise because when he left for Paris in 1623, Blanchard is known to have finished a number of the works he left behind. in his studio, including perhaps the Virgin and Child with a Bishop and a Woman Holding a Baby.
At the end of October 1624, Blanchard travelled to Rome in the company of his brother Jean, where it is possible that he encountered such contemporaries as Simon Vouet, Jacques Stella, Claude Mellan and Nicolas Poussin.
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