Johann Daniel Preissler

Jan 17, 1666 - Oct 13, 1737

Johann Daniel Preissler, or Preisler was a notable member of a German artistic family, originating in Bohemia. His children included Johann Justin Preissler, Georg Martin Preisler, Barbara Helena Preisler, married Oeding, Johan Martin Preisler, and Valentin Daniel Preisler, all in their time renowned artists.
Most notable for his portraits, nudes and history paintings, Johann Daniel Preissler also produced drawings and frescoes. He was particularly known beyond Nuremberg for his "Die durch Theorie erfundene Practic", a sequence of works on art theory – the individual works were translated into several other languages and served as textbooks for students such as the Swiss Salomon Gessner right up until the 19th century. By the time of his death in 1737, Johann Caspar Füssli spoke of Preissler and Jan Kupecky as the two most famous Nuremberg artists of the early 18th century.
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