John Ramon III, Count of Cardona

Jan 9, 1418 - Jun 18, 1486

John Ramon III Folch de Cardona i de Prades, was a Catalan nobleman. John Ramon's titles included Count of Prades, Count of Cardona, Viscount of Vilamur, Baron of Entença, Admiral of Aragon, Captain-general of Catalonia as well as Viceroy of Sicily from 1477 to 1479.
His parents were John Ramon II, 3rd Count of Cardona and Joana de Prades, heiress of Prades and Entenza. John Ramon III became the sixth count of Prades and viscount of Vilamur upon the resignation of his father in 1445. Upon the death of his father in 1471, he inherited the County of Cardona.
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