Léon-Eugène Méhédin

Feb 21, 1828 - Mar 4, 1905

Léon-Eugène Méhédin was a French archaeologist, architect and photographer.
Méhédin's was a fervent Bonapartist and his career was greatly facilitated when he erected two triumphal arches in L'Aigle in 1851 to celebrate Napoléon III's French coup of that year. In 1855, he designed Civitavecchia's train station and went on a mission of photo reconnaissance to the Crimean War with Jean-Charles Langlois.
In 1859, he drew a portrait of Napoleon III. He compiled an archaeological album on Egypt. In 1865, he photographed the ruins of Xochicalco for the Scientific Commission of Mexico in Paris. He also made a papier-mâché cast of a planned Luxor Obelisk for the Exposition Universelle of 1867 which never came to be when Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico fell in 1867. Some of his collections lay in the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Rouen and others are at the City Library of the same city.
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