John Demjanjuk

Apr 3, 1920 - Mar 17, 2012

John Demjanjuk was a retired Ukrainian-American auto worker, a former soldier in the Soviet Red Army, and a POW during the Second World War.
John Demjanjuk was convicted in 2011 in Germany as an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews while acting as a guard at the Sobibór extermination camp in occupied Poland. Since his conviction was pending appeal at the time of his death, Demjanjuk remained not guilty under German law, his conviction not having undergone the appeal judgment. According to the Munich state court, Demjanjuk does not have a criminal record.
Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine, and during World War II was drafted into the Soviet Red Army, where he was captured by Germans as a Soviet prisoner of war. In 1952, he emigrated from West Germany to the United States and was granted citizenship in 1958, whereupon he formally anglicized his name from "Ivan" to "John".
In 1986, he was deported to Israel to stand trial for war crimes, after being identified by eleven Holocaust survivors, many from Israel, as "Ivan the Terrible", a guard at the Treblinka extermination camp in Nazi occupied Poland.
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