Hieronymus Cock

1518 - Oct 20, 1570

Hieronymus Cock, or Hieronymus Wellens de Cock was a Southern Netherlandish painter and etcher as well as a publisher and distributor of prints. Though he died young, Cock became known as the most important print publisher of his time in northern Europe and his widow Volcxken Diericx played a key role in the transformation of printmaking from an activity of individual artists and craftsmen into an industry based on division of labour. His house published more than 1,100 prints between 1548 and his death in 1570, a vast number by earlier standards.
Although far more important as a publisher, Cock was an artist of talent, best seen in his last series of 12 landscape etchings of 1558, which are somewhat in the fantastic style of the paintings of his brother Matthys Cock. Altogether he etched 62 plates.
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ArtistsHieronymus Cock
ArtistsHieronymus Cock
ArtistsHieronymus Cock
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