Lazzaro Tavarone

1556 - 1641

Lazzaro Tavarone was an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance and Mannerist period, active mainly in his native Genoa and in Spain.
He was the pupil of the painter Luca Cambiasi. Tavarone accompanied Cambiaso to Spain in 1583, and helped decorate the Escorial for the Spanish King, including the chaotic battle painting of Battle of La Higueruela. He returned to Genoa in 1594, where he became well known both as portrait and history painter. He painted a Martyrdom of San Lorenzo in the Genoa Cathedral. He also painted frescoes in the Palazzos Saluzzi and Adorni. He painted frescoes on the Life of Sant’Ambrogio for the Oratorio di Sant’Ambrogio. He also painted scenes from the life of Columbus.
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