Gansong Art Museum

Gansong Art Museum is the first modern private museum of Korea and was founded by Jeon Hyeongpil in 1938. The museum was named after the pen name of the founder, Gansong. The aim of the foundation was to prevent Japanese removal of Korean cultural properties, during the Japanese occupation. At times, numerous Korean cultural properties were taken to Japan, such as Goryeo porcelains, statues of Buddha made in Silla kingdom, documents and books made in Joseon dynasty. Jeon Hyeongpil contributed at his own expense to protect Korean culture and art.
The museum holds many top-rated antique pieces of art such as Hunmin jeongeum, Donggukjeongun Book 1, 2, Geumdong gyemimyeong samjonbul, Hyewon pungsokdo.
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