Stanisław Małachowski

Aug 24, 1736 - Dec 29, 1809

Count Stanisław Małachowski, of the Nałęcz coat-of-arms was the first Prime Minister of Poland, a member of the Polish government's Permanent Council, Marshal of the Crown Courts of Justice from 1774, Crown Grand Referendary and Marshal of the Four-Year Sejm.
The son of Jan Małachowski, the royal grand chancellor, Małachowski was named marshal of the Sejm in 1788. He was the prime force behind a constitution, adopted in 1791, that embodied such modern western European reforms as majority rule in parliament, separation of powers, and enfranchisement of the middle classes; this constitution was abrogated at the Second Partition of Poland in 1792. In 1807–09 Małachowski served as president of the senate of the Duchy of Warsaw, promoted by Napoleon Bonaparte.
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