Gim Jeong-hui

Jun 3, 1786 - Oct 10, 1856

Gim Jeong-hui, also known as Kim Jeong-hui, was one of the most celebrated practitioners of calligraphy, epigraphists, and scholars of Korea’s later Joseon period. He was a member of the Gim clan of Gyeongju. He used various Ho: Wandang, Chusa, Yedang, Siam, Gwapa, Nogwa etc. He is especially celebrated for having transformed Korean epigraphy and for having created the “Chusa-che” inspired by his study of ancient Korean and Chinese epitaphs. His ink paintings, especially of orchids, are equally admired.
As a scholar, he belonged to the Silhak school also known as the Bukhak. He was related to Queen Jeongsun, the second wife of King Yeongjo, and by his adoptive mother, Nam Yang-hong, he was a cousin to Namyeon-gun Yi Gu, who was destined to be the grandfather of King Gojong. Hongseon Daewon-gun, King Gojong’s father, who served as his regent and was also a noted calligrapher, was one of Gim’s pupils for a while.
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