Daniel A. Reed


Daniel A. Reed is an American computational scientist, known for his contributions to high-performance computing and science policy. He is vice president of research and economic development at the University of Iowa. He previously served as director of scalable computing and multicore at Microsoft Research. He founded the Renaissance Computing Institute in 2004 and served as its director until December 2007. Reed also was Chancellor’s Eminent Professor and served as senior adviser for strategy and innovation to UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser. He served as CIO and Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services at UNC-Chapel Hill from June 2004 through April 2007.
He was appointed to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, by President Bush in 2006 and served on the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee from 2003–2005. As chair of PITAC’s computational science subcommittee, he was lead author of the report “Computational Science: Ensuring America’s Competitiveness.”
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