Yuhang District

Yuhang is a suburban district of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China. Its 2013 population was estimated at 1.17 million. Its inhabitants speak both Mandarin and a variety of Hangzhounese, a Wu dialect.
The district contains the remains of Neolithic settlements from the Liangzhu period.
Prior to the expansion of modern Hangzhou, Yuhang formed a separate city. It is the earliest settlement recorded in the area of present-day Hangzhou. Chinese scholars traditionally interpreted its name as a mistake for "Yu's Ferry", after the legendary account of Yu the Great's gathering of his lords at Mount Kuaiji around 2000 BC. This is now thought to be a folk etymology and Yuhang is almost certainly an ancient transliteration of an old Baiyue name.
Yuhang was part of Kuaiji Commandery prior to the growth of Hangzhou following the 7th-century construction of the Sui's Grand Canal. It was then administered from Hangzhou.
Yuhang is the largest district of Hangzhou.The administration center of Yuhang District is Linping, which is a subcenter of Hangzhou located in the northeast side of downtown area. It connects with the downtown via Metro Line 1.
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