Agama di Nigeria

Religion in Nigeria is diverse. Nigeria's constitution ensures freedom of religion and the country is home to some of the world's largest Muslim and Christian populations, simultaneously. Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Muslims, who live mostly in the north, and Christians, who live mostly in the south; indigenous religions, such as those native to the Igbo and Yoruba ethnicities, are in the minority. The Christian share of Nigeria's population is on decline due to lower fertility rate compared to Muslims in the north.
Most Nigerian Christians are Protestant, though about a quarter are Catholic. The majority of Nigerian Muslims are either Sunni or non-denominational Muslims. Many Sunni Muslims are members of Sufi brotherhoods. Most Sufis follow the Qadiriyya, Tijaniyyah or Mouride movement. A significant Shia minority also exists. There are also Ahmadiyya and Mahdiyya minorities.
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