Aino Aalto

Jan 25, 1894 - Jan 13, 1949

Aino Maria Marsio-Aalto was a Finnish architect and a pioneer of Scandinavian design. She is known as a co-founder of the design company Artek and as a collaborator on its most well-known designs. As Artek's first artistic director, her creative output spanned textiles, lamps, glassware, and buildings. It has been discovered that it was Aino who completed the first work commissioned through Artek which was the Viipuri Library in 1935. Her work is in the MoMA's permanent collection and the MoMA has included her work in 9 exhibitions. Aino Aalto’s first exhibition was Art in Progress: 15th Anniversary Exhibitions: Design for Use at Museum of Modern Art in New York City, NY in 1944. Other major exhibitions were at Barbican Art Gallery in London and Chelsea space in London. Aino Aalto has been exhibited with Pablo Picasso.
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