Prince Heinrich of Hesse-Kassel

30 oct 1927 - 18 nov 1999

Prince Heinrich Wilhelm Konstantin Viktor Franz of Hesse-Kassel was a member of the House of Hesse.
Prince Heinrich was born in Rome, Italy, the son of Landgrave and Prince Philipp of Hesse and Princess Mafalda of Savoy, daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.
During the Second World War, Heinrich's father, an important former aristocratic Nazi party member, was arrested by the Gestapo and his mother was detained and imprisoned in Buchenwald concentration camp, where she was killed by Allies' bombardments in 1944. Heinrich and his siblings were given sanctuary in the Vatican. After the war they were reunited with their father in Germany.
Heinrich was an artist and set designer, active mainly in Italy under the name Enrico d'Assia. He published a volume of memoirs, Der Kristallene Lüster. He died in Frankfurt, unmarried.
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