Jacob Xavery

Born Apr 27, 1736

Jacob Xavery was a Dutch painter.
Xavery was the son of Jan Baptist Xavery, the sculptor, and the pupil of Jakob de Wit. He practised at Amsterdam, Breda, and the Hague, and passed some time in Paris. Occasionally he imitated the manner of Berchem in his landscapes, and approached closely to his master, Jakob de Wit, in his feigned bas reliefs. He painted portraits of several distinguished persons, among them Gerrit Braamcamp and the sculptor Charles Cressent. He died towards the end of the 18th century. In the South Kensington Museum there is a Vase of Fruit and a Vine Branch by him.
His brother Frans and his uncle Gerard Joseph were also painters.
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ArtistsJacob Xavery
ArtistsJacob Xavery
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