Staszów is a town in Poland, in Świętokrzyskie Voivodship, about 54 kilometres southeast of Kielce, and 120 km northeast of Kraków. It is the capital of Staszów County. Population is 15,108, which makes it the 8th largest urban center of the province. The area of the town is 26,88 km²., and its two rivers are the Desta and the Czarna Staszowska. Staszów's coat of arms is the Korab, ancient symbol of several noble families of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This is because Hieronymus Jaroslaw Łaski of Korab coat of arms, founded the town. Staszów remained in private hands until October 1866. It has a rail station, near the town also goes the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line.
The name of the town comes from ancient Slavic given name Stanisław, which in the 13th and 14th centuries was used in diminutive form Stasz. It is probable that the first owner of the town was a man named Stasz Kmiotko. Staszów is home to a sports club Pogoń, founded in 1945.
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