Kingdom of France

The Kingdom of France is the historiographical name given to various political entities of France in the medieval and early modern period. It was among the most powerful states in Europe and a great power from the High Middle Ages onward. It was also an early colonial power, with possessions around the world.
France originated as West Francia, the western half of the Carolingian Empire, with the Treaty of Verdun. A branch of the Carolingian dynasty continued to rule until 987, when Hugh Capet was elected king and founded the Capetian dynasty. The territory remained known as Francia and its ruler as rex Francorum well into the High Middle Ages. The first king calling himself rex Francie was Philip II, in 1190, and officially from 1204. From then, France was continuously ruled by the Capetians and their cadet lines—the Valois and Bourbon—until the monarchy was abolished in 1792 during the French Revolution.
France in the Middle Ages was a de-centralised, feudal monarchy. In Brittany and Catalonia the authority of the French king was barely felt. Lorraine and Provence were states of the Holy Roman Empire and not yet a part of France.
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