Teresa Billington-Greig

Oct 15, 1876 - Oct 21, 1964

Teresa Billington-Greig was a British suffragette who helped create the Women's Freedom League in 1907. She had left another suffrage organisation – the Women's Social and Political Union – as she considered the leadership too autocratic. In 1904, she was appointed by the WSPU as a travelling speaker for the organisation. On 25 April 1906, she unveiled a 'Votes for Women' banner from the Ladies Gallery during the debate in the House of Commons. In June 1906, she was arrested in a fracas outside of Chancellor of the Exchequer H. H. Asquith's home, and as a result was the first suffragette to be incarcerated in Holloway Prison.
She founded the Women's Billiards Association in 1931. Her publications include The Militant Suffrage Movement, which contained criticism of suffragettes' tactics, and The Consumer in Revolt, which explored links between consumerism and feminism. Her archives are held at the Women's Library at the London School of Economics.
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