Berestechko is a town in Horokhiv Raion, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine. It is located on the Styr River. Population: 1,727
Berestechko received Magdeburg rights in 1547. In 1651 the Battle of Berestechko took place near the town.
A monastery once located near Berestechko was razed by the Soviet army. From 1795 until the Russian Revolution of 1917, Berestechko was part of the Russian Empire; from 1921 to 1939 it was part of Poland. Since 1939 it was first a part of the Ukrainian SSR and then a part of the independent Ukraine. The Germans occupied Berestechko from 1941 - 1944, during which they executed Jews from the village. A witness to the execution in the village stated, "The Jews dug their own pits, accompanied by ten requisitioned Ukrainians. People climbed on trees to watch the execution In spite of the ban. The Germans shot them so that they fell down into the pit."
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