John Gualbert

985 AD - Jul 12, 1073

Saint Giovanni Gualberto was an Italian Roman Catholic abbot and the founder of the Vallumbrosan Order. Gualberto was once a vain individual who sought pleasure in vanities and romantic intrigues and set off to find and kill the man who slew his brother Ugo. But in Florence where he found him he did not kill him; he embraced the man and offered him his friendship. He soon after became a member of the Order of Saint Benedict though left in order to found his own congregation. He condemned nepotism and all simoniacal actions and was known for the pureness and meekness of his faith. Even popes held him in high esteem and heard of his fame.
Miracles were reported at his tomb after his death and this motivated Pope Celestine III to canonize Gualberto on 24 October 1193.
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