Crown Prince Maui

Crown Prince Maui was the last prince of the kingdom of Silla. Maui means Hemp dress.
He was the son of King Gyeongsun, the last king of Silla. He was known to wear a special type of cloth after the civil wars in Silla ended. The name 'Maui' came from the fact that he spent his whole life wearing clothes made of linen. His father, was killed in the civil war by a lone warrior. After hearing the news, the prince fled to the southern mountains in Jeolla. He was also the creator and the originator of the Nakan Kim clan which was separated out of the clan that was the present's ancestors, the Gyeongju Clan. After fleeing, he had his descendants bred there, and he became a Buddhist monk. The present Nagan Kims only have 130 families currently in Seoul.
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