Jean-Marie Loret

Mar 25, 1918 - Feb 14, 1985

Jean-Marie Loret was a French railway worker and allegedly Adolf Hitler's illegitimate son. According to Loret, his mother revealed to him shortly before her death in 1948 that the "unknown German soldier" with whom she had had an affair during World War I was Adolf Hitler.
Heinz Linge, who served as valet for Adolf Hitler, claimed in his memoirs With Hitler to the End that on 24 June 1940 Hitler secretly tasked Heinrich Himmler with finding Loret and his mother.
Loret's claim was backed by German historian Werner Maser, who first brought the claim to public attention in 1977 newspapers following an article in Zeitgeschichte magazine. Loret published his own autobiography, Ton père s'appelait Hitler [Your father was called Hitler] in 1981.
However, the dominant view represented by historians such as Anton Joachimsthaler, Timothy Ryback, Sir Ian Kershaw, and Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders, is that Hitler's paternity of Loret is unlikely or impossible.
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