Mario García Torres

Born 1975

Mario García Torres is one of the most internationally renowned Latin American artists. He has used various media, including film, sound, performance, ‘museographic installations’ and video as a means to create his art.
Garcia Torres often mentioned untold or ‘minor’ histories, with a predilection for avant-garde art and music from the 1960s and 70s, as departing points for his work. He has re-created historical exhibitions and has even ‘completed’ unfinished artworks, often blurring original and reenactment, past and present, while questioning universal ideas about truth, certainty and time –all core ideas in the development of his body of work. During the early 2000s García Torres stopped dating his works; In so doing, he undermines the narrative of an oeuvre and career as a progressive evolution over time. n.d. often accompanies, since then, the work's title, and has become a signature of the artist.
García Torres currently lives in Mexico City.
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