Matthias Grünewald

1470 - Aug 31, 1528

Matthias Grünewald was a German Renaissance painter of religious works who ignored Renaissance classicism to continue the style of late medieval Central European art into the 16th century. His first name is also given as Mathis and his surname as Gothart or Neithardt.
Only ten paintings—several consisting of many panels—and thirty-five drawings survive, all religious, although many others were lost at sea on their way to Sweden as war booty. He was obscure until the late nineteenth century, when many of his paintings were attributed to Albrecht Dürer, who is now seen as his stylistic antithesis.
His largest and most famous work is the Isenheim Altarpiece created c 1512 to 1516.
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ArtistsMatthias Grünewald
ArtistsMatthias Grünewald
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