Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepuis or plateaux in South America. The name of the Mountain Roraima came from the native Pemon people. Roroi in the Pemon language means "blue-green", and ma means "great".
Mount Roraima serves as the tripoint of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil; 5% the plateau part of its mountain plateau lies in Brazil, 10% in Guyana, with rest 85% in Venezuela. It lies on the Guiana Shield in the southeastern corner of Venezuela's 30,000-square-kilometre Canaima National Park forming the highest peak of Guyana's Highland Range. Another major tepui in the national park, Kukenán-tepui, is right next to Mount Roraima. The Brazilian part of the mountain forms the Monte Roraima National Park of Brazil.
First described to Europeans by the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh during his 1595 expedition, Mount Roraima is famous for its table-top shape, with the flat plateau - bounded on all sides by massive cliffs rising over 400 metres - that often stays high above the fogs and clouds.
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