Negroland, or Nigritia, is an archaic term in European mapping, describing the inland and poorly explored region in West Africa as an area populated with negroes.
This area comprised at least the western part of the region called Sudan. The term is probably a direct translation of the Arabic term Bilad as-Sudan, meaning "Land of the blacks", corresponding to about the same area. There were various kinds of people in the area, including the Jews of Bilad as-Sudan. Some of the greatest states of those considered part of Negroland were the Bornu Empire and the Sokoto Caliphate.
"Negroland" represented the area between the region of Guinea and "Sahara" or "The Desert", the Sahara Desert. The name "Sahara" is derived from the Arabic word for "desert" in the feminine irregular form, the singular ṣaḥra', plural ṣaḥārā, ṣaḥār, ṣaḥrāwāt, ṣaḥāriy. "Guinea", not to be confused with the modern country, then referred to the south-facing coast of West Africa and the land stretching upriver from there. Herman Moll's 1727 map labels these "Grain Coast", "Slave Coast", and "Gold Coast".
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