Petrus Peckius the Younger

1562 - Jul 28, 1625

Petrus Peckius the Younger, also known as Petrus Pecquius or Pierre Peckius, was a diplomat and chancellor of Brabant for the Sovereign Archdukes Albert and Isabella. He is best known for a failed attempt to negotiate a renewal of the Twelve Years' Truce in 1621. He was the son of Petrus Peckius the Elder.
Peckius the Younger married Barbara-Maria Boonen, a daughter of Cornelius Boonen, a councillor in the Council of State, who was murdered in 1579 for his pro-Spanish sympathies. Her brother was Jacobus Boonen, archbishop of Mechelen from 1620. They had four children, one of whom, Pieter-Antonius, became a visitor-general of the Carthusian Order.
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