Petrus Scriverius

Jan 12, 1576 - Apr 30, 1660

Petrus Scriverius, the latinised form of Peter Schrijver or Schryver, was a Dutch writer and scholar on the history of the Low Countries.
He was born at Haarlem and was educated by Cornelis Schoneus at the University of Leiden, where he formed a close intimacy with Daniel Heinsius. In 1599 he married Anna van der Aar, and from 1611 to 1613, he was the headmaster of the Latin School in Duisburg, now Landfermann-Gymnasium. He belonged to the party of Oldenbarnevelt and Grotius and brought down the displeasure of the government by a copy of Latin verses to honour of their friend, the Remonstrant Leiden pensionaris Rombout Hoogerbeets. Scriverius' poems were considered libelous and he was fined 200 guilders, but when the councilmen came to collect, Scriverius directed them to the kitchen to collect pots and pans, which were not worth enough money. His wife then directed the gentlemen to the books in the library by claiming that it was the books that caused her husband to write the poems and so proceeds from a book sale should pay for the fine on them. Scriverius and his wife enjoyed a long marriage of 57 years and had at least 8 children.
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