Safinaz Kazem

Born Aug 17, 1937

Safinaz Kazem, also written Safynaz Kazem, is an Egyptian author and literary critic.
After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Cairo University in 1959, she wrote many articles.
Safinaz Kazem began her training as a journalist at Akhbar El Yom newspaper in November 1955, while still a student at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. Later she worked at the magazines Akher Saa and Al-Geel Al-Gadeed, then she moved to Al-Helal Publishing House as a writer and theatrical critic for the magazines Al-Musawar, Al-Helal, and Al-Kawakeb.
Currently, she contributes to the Egyptian Almasry Alyoum. and the Saudi Asharq Al-Awsat daily newspapers.
On 24 August 1972, Safinaz Kazem married the renowned ian vernacular poet Ahmed Fouad Negm and their only daughter, Nawara, was born in October 1973, during the October War. Kazem and Negm divorced in July 1976.
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