799 BC - 699 BC

Sushruta, or Suśruta was an ancient Indian physician and surgeon known today as the “Father of Surgery” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” or " father of brain surgery "for inventing and developing surgical procedures His work on the subject, the Sushruta Samhita is considered the oldest text in the world on plastic surgery and is highly regarded as one of the Great Trilogy of Ayurvedic Medicine, the Brihat-Trayi; the other two being the Charaka Samhita, which preceded it, and the Astanga Hridaya, which followed it.
The Sushruta Samhita is one of the most important surviving ancient treatises on medicine and is considered a foundational text of Ayurveda. The treatise addresses all aspects of general medicine, but the impressive chapters on surgery have led to the false impression that this is its main topic. The translator G. D. Singhal dubbed Suśruta "the father of surgery" on account of these detailed accounts of surgery, and many scholars have repeated this cachet, usually as part of an provenance claim about the history of science.
The Compendium of Suśruta locates its author in Varanasi, India
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