Untung Surapati

1660 - Dec 5, 1706

Untung Suropati was an Indonesia war fighter who led a few rebellions against the Dutch East India Company.
Surapati was a Balinese who lived as a slave in Batavia, the headquarters of the VOC. He then managed to flee to the mountainous area in the south of the city. In 1683, he surrendered and was enlisted in the VOC troop. In January 1684, with other Balinese soldiers, he attacks a detachment of 39 armed force from the company and kills 20 of them. He then fled to the east with his 80 men and was welcomed in Kartasura, capital of the Sultanate of Mataram, where he was installed as protégé of the Sultan Amangkurat II.
In 1686 the VOC sent Captain Tack to Kartasura to convince Amangkurat to deliver Surapati to him. Tack arrived and claimed himself as Amangkurat's soldiers who attacked Surapati's residence. In fact, this attack was a sneak raid because Amangkurat did not intend to deliver Surapati as he considered him as a precious ally. Tack was killed by Surapati's men along with 74 other Dutchs and Javanese soldiers disguised as Balinese. The rest of the VOC forces retreated to the Dutch garrison of Kartasura.
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