The last words of Alexander Pushkin ...

I had a very bad backache, but I continued to paint.

My mother, Kovaleva Efrosinja Ivanovna was born in 1900, in the village of Peski in the area of Sumy.

In 1935, all the Kulaks of the area were deported. Their leader was murdered and together with their neighbors, they were kept in the shed until their execution. They were also tortured. In the night they dug a tunnel with their hands from the shed and escaped.

My mother arrived in Golubkina, in the area of Belgorod with her two daughters Polja and Nastja and married my father Ivan Medvedev Afinogenovitsch.

I was born in January 1937

E. Medvedeva

I met her first in a small town of Ryazan region, 300 km from Moscow.

We lived in a small communal apartment in Moscow, near the River Station.
Every day at 6am my neighbor went to work to a factory, which produced
cast iron. And when she returned home late at night, she drank tea and

The terrorist attack in Beslan! Angels are in hostage 1.IX-2004. In lieu of flowers, children were forced to hang bombs. 323 killed 156 of them children ...

Saint Paraskeva (III century) still a quite young lady took upon the care of spreading the Christian faith. Then they hung her on a tree and began to torment her body with iron nails, burning torches, and finally beheaded her.

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