Hungary - Biennale Architettura 2016


How can a group of young architects find their home in today’s world without money and commissions? Only if they create a suitable environment for themselves, from which the local community can also profit. The North Hungarian town of Eger presents a great example of this.
“We contacted the local government to provide us with a building that no one finds the inspiration to refurbish. We were granted a 15-year lease of the decaying building located in the middle of an old park. We had outlined a sustainable model hinged on local needs: we had undertaken to implement a value-added reconstruction and fill the building with cultural content. We reversed the usual course of planning: first, we found material support for the required tasks and then came up with architectural solutions to match the materials offered by sponsors. In less than a year, we managed to fill the building with content, and using the construction materials received and recycling the objects found on site, we wrapped it in a new exterior. In addition to NGO sponsors and our contacts in the construction industry, we managed to involve students of a local polytechnic high school and convicts from the local penal institution. The planning process gained new meaning, and the construction became a collective activity, which even pushed the building itself slightly into the background: the greatest added value of the project turned out to be the growing social network of organizers and collaborators.” Gábor Fábián – Dénes Fajcsák architects – arkt
Curators: Gábor Fábián and Dénes Fajcsák Exhibitor: arkt Organisator: Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest Commissioner: Julia Fabényi Coordinators: Géza Boros, Anna Bálványos, István Puskás With the support of Ministry of Human Capacities
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Published by Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest Editor: Géza Boros Texts: Julia Fabényi, Gábor Fábián, Dénes Fajcsák, Levente Polyák, Krisztina Somogyi, Zsolt Szijártó Graphic Design: Veronika Juhász English Translation: Sipos Dániel Copy Editor: Miklós Zsámboki Photo: Géza Boros, Dénes Fajcsák, Viktor Korsós, Levente Polyák   TABLE OF CONTENTS   Julia Fabényi: One Millimetre   Levente Polyák: Found Resources, Trust and Collaboration: a New Generation of Cultural Venues in Europe   Krisztina Somogyi: Makeshift – with Positive Overtones. Locality, Activity, Architecture   Zsolt Szijártó: The Ellátó. A Cultural Community Experiment in Eger   Gábor Fábián – Dénes Fajcsák: The Ellátó   Phases   About the Exhibition (Gábor Fábián)   About arkt (Gábor Fábián)
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Dénes Fajcsák Born in Miskolc, Hungary, in 1978. He lives and works in Eger, Hungary.     Gábor Fábián Born in Balassagyarmat, Hungary, in 1979. He lives in Budapest, works in Budapest and Eger, Hungary.
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