Livio Seguso: Venetian Master of Modern Sculpture


Livio Seguso:  A Life for Art
Born in 1930 in Murano, where he still works, and now living in Venice. Strongly attracted by the inexhaustible appeal of the glass, began his life-long affair with glass in the mid 40s under the guidance of the most important masters of the period.After having achieved an in-depth knowledge of the traditional glassmaking techniques, this artist stimulated by his strong artistic sensitivity, turned to plastic forms, and his research led him to explore with avid interest and personal the world of the great masters of contemporary sculpture. 
Works from 1970s to 1980s
Livio Seguso reached his full artistic maturity in the late 1970’s. His sculptures could then manifest themselves in forms of absolute purity, non-mimetic and non-representational of anything, reaching out to seize the principle of a visible event that was undisclosed before that moment, and, in doing so, reveal the personality of the artist, attracted by synthesis and absolute form.
Works from 1990s to today
In recent years, his artistic research overstepped the confines of the medium used, experimenting with other materials like steel, rock, marble, and granite, and, more recently, wood. His artwork also took a departure from his previous rounded or elliptical forms, and he began to conceive volumes with a more geometrical pattern.
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