Mar 28, 2014


Long Museum West Bund

Re-View——Opening Exhibition part of Cases•History

The restrictions on China's art creation were gradually lifted shortly after the Cultural Revolution.The emotional impulse long suppressed among the artists was in pressing need to be expressed,leading to the emergence of paintings full of emotions. Be them about ethnics, homeland,personal sentiments, or exotic charm,the paintings all questioned and responded to humanity and existence. Representatives of these works include Father (fuqin) by Luo Zhongli,Farewell, Viffage Rood (zaijianba, xiaolu) by Wang Chuan, Spring Wind Has Awaken (chunfengyijingsuxing)and Youth (qingchun) by He Duoling,The New Generation of the Tibetans (zangzuxinyidai) by Zhou Chunya,Clouds in the Sky (tianshangdeyun) by Zhang Xiaogang,and Tears Flooding the Autumn Fields (leishuisamanfengshoutian) by Chen Danqing.

Cheng CongLin His representative painting, Snow on a Certain Day in a Certain Month in 1968 (1968nianxyuexrixue),is one of the most important works of the Scar Art" (shanghenmeishu) movement

Gao Xiaohua,As one of the initiators of the "ScarArt" (shanghenmeishu) and the "Sichuan School" of painting, he is an Important figure of Chinese artist representing contemporary realist painting

Luo Zhongli,His masterpiece Father(fuqin) won the first prize in the second National Youth Art Exhibition. He is now Dean of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Director of Chongqing Art Museum

Ye Yongqing,is one of the founders of the Southwestern Art Group. He created the Big Poster (dazhaotie) series and installations in 1991, and established the Upriver Art Gallery in 1998, the first private space run by artists in China. In 1999.Ye began to use parts and symbols extracted from graffiti works for his art creation

Zhang Xiaogang,is one of the founders of the Southwestern Art Graup. The Bloodline-Big Family (xueyuan-dajiating) series, which he began to work on in the mid 1990s became one of his most important works. Since 2002, he has been portraying objects related to human figures and has produced works such as Inside and Outside (lihewai],Amnesia and Memory (shiylyujlyi), and The Green Waff (lvqiang) as an attempt to investigate into the issues of memory and amnesia

Pang Maokun, The Apple is Ripe [pingguoshule]. created in 1983, is his representative work During the 1985 New Wave Movement when Pang was a postgraduate student his works centered on the theme of the Yi people, an ethnic minority group in China, while from 1991 to 1996, he shifted his focus to the depiction of daily Life. After 1996, he experienced a change in style The Touch (chumo) series and Breathe lhuxll series are his representative works during this new period of time

Zhou Chunya,His representative works include Rock of Lake Taihu (talhushiJ series, Green Dogs(lvgou) series, and Peach Blossoms (taohua) series

Long Museum West Bund 龙美术馆西岸馆
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