2015 PAMS Choice - Dance

Korea Arts Management Service

Performing Arts Market in Seoul is an annual global performing arts platform primarily pursues international distribution channel for the Korea’s performing arts to the world. PAMS Choice is a program introducing selected exceptional works of performing arts. 

Art Project BORA
Art Project BORA focuses on contemporary dance, leading the experimental art field via exchange with other genres, as well as breaking down the concept of genre and space. Approaching the material through the various points of view, Art Project BORA stimulates the audiences' emotion through unique and witty drama, and dramatic choreographing. Art Project BORA has performed successfully in Korea, Singapore, Slovenia, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and France. 

Tail Language - Art Project BORA

Through the language of a cat's tail and its movement as motif for the symbolic system, Tail Language makes a satire of the hypocritical culturalism and analytical error inherent to language.

The performance seeks to experience a new possibility for contemporary art from various points of view!
By observing the tail language, it aims to recombine semiotic movements, such as the lines and planes, or the intersection of lines and shapes. We can also envision the creation of an extra-dimensional language through this dismantling process.
The emotion of outright egotism, the action of drawing a line between oneself and others, and the drastic changes of addition and subtraction in the conversation emerge through the analytical errors inhernt to the finitude of language.
By refreshing the issue of communication and the meaning of social community in the individuality of ‘I’ and ‘us’ or ‘others’, this piece speaks to the question of what is desperately needed in modern society.
The work is a process that also reveals the language of body, which is more primitive and lucid. It is a small but important attempt to discover ‘truth’ in opposition to social dialogues and relationships mystified by hypocrisy and superficial intellectualism.

Goblin Party
Bewitched people with unusual strength and skills, play mischievous tricks, and show perverse behavior: the Korean traditional monster, a goblin, is the symbol of Goblin Party, performing nationally and internationally since it’s foundation in 2007. Goblin Party places emphasis on communication and is interested in making a piece that would extend the audiences’ vision. 

Soul Piercing - Goblin Party

Playful chaos between the dead and the living presented over the wooden coffin board.

Soul Piercing is based on careful observations about the dilemmas and contradictions that arise from death while peeking into the traditional funeral scene. The piece depicts the chaos of the dead and the living wandering around the boundary of mortality with extreme humor and playful imagination. The piece shows our strong will and constant struggle to transcend the unbearable chaos and frustration that death brings us without losing a positive attitude.

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