May 11, 2015

GoDown Arts Centre

GoDown Arts Centre

The GoDown Arts Centre is home to Kenyan creativity in arts and media. Established in 2003, in a space that was formerly a car repair warehouse, the centre has contributed significantly to the growth, recognition and visibility of local artist by fostering and facilitating collaborations and encounters between artists from different disciplines and different parts of the world.

Women of Kenya

Based in a place called Kariokor Market, where women sell plastics

Songs make lyrics sweeter; they make life a bit simpler.

The normal way women wrap heir hair.

The love and high expectation of a pregnant woman.

Bold beautiful face of an African woman with beaded earrings.

Inspired by Maasai Mara

Maasai Women

Inspired by the Maasai Mara safari.

How natural features have served human beings.

Mixed media

Letting lose the strokes and looking for the rugged beauty.

Ariel view of a city

This is an installation artwork that shows a simple infrastructure that business men and women have in Nairobi for their daily earning. It also tries to show how they are very passionate of their work despite the poor structure.

Baobab tree producing black and white fruit.

Nairobi Eastlands setup.

Time of black and white television.

Shirt of a retrenched officer.

Recycling newspapers.

Urban landscapes

An expression of the downtown sides of Nairobi.

Middle class enterprising citizens.

This old town was inspired by the painter's visit to the old town of Mombasa, Kenya

Pollution of the urban river.

Inspired by Nature

Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve.

It's simply about connections.

It's all about solace and serenity.

Tree series

Sudanese People.

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The GoDown Arts Centre

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