Denmark - Biennale Architettura 2016

Art of Many and The Right to Space


This exhibition is organised as two complementary spatial installations:

The wunderkammer installation of architecture models called 'ART OF MANY' and the video installation 'THE RIGHT TO SPACE'.

In the media of the architecture model; the wunderkammer ‘ART OF MANY’ showcases the constant creative prototyping of the Danish welfare institutions; schools, hospitals, social housing, public space etc – ART OF MANY – for the many.

Each and every project is carefully selected by our curators as testimonies of the ongoing every day battles for the people’s right to space.

For 50 years Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has led the battle for cities for people – in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world. In “THE RIGHT TO SPACE” you can experience Jan Gehl and his approach towards creating human friendly cities.

The curators of the Danish Pavilion have identified five agendas according to which both Jan Gehl and each of the more than 130 projects in ‘Art of Many’ respond to:

Beyond Luxury, Designing Life, Claiming Space, Exit Utopia, and Pro Community - see more about the agendas when clicking the photo

You will now enter the 'Art of Many' part of the exhibition: a landscape of architecture models each responding to one of the five agendas: BEYOND LUXURY, DESIGNING LIFE, EXIT UTOPIA, CLAIMING SPACE, AND PRO COMMUNITY

What you see here, is Svendborg Achitects' Ceremony Room. Their proposal for a ceremony room reflects a growing interest in accommodating the homeless community of agnostics, the culturally Christian, and other spiritual individuals who no longer feel at home within the official auspices of the church and its religious ceremonies. A new community is being formed.

EFFEKTs ReGen Villages. The self-sustaining urban model is to provide the residents with their basic needs - a sense of control and responsibility for their own lives and the physical setting for a social and cultural Community.

The project presents a design that actively seeks to embrace others' interest. An architectural gesture towards the nearest neighbours and other local residents, who are given access to a new culturally programmed urban landscape.

Follow the stairs and explore even more architecture models.

Feel welcome to step into the other part of the exhibition and enjoy a little part of the video installation 'The Right to Space'!

Directors: Andreas Koefoed & Dark Matters
Script: Andreas Koefoed
Art Direction: Dark Matters
3D and Animation: Dark Matters
Starring: Jan Gehl
Sound Design: Morten Groth Brandt
Photographers: Niels Thastum & Andreas Koefoed
Researcher: Sofie Stilling
Grading: KG FILM
Music: Jakob Bro & Tobias Wilner
Tobias Wilner "Emeralds"
Original appears on Findlay Brown "Slow Light" (DPC Records) 2015
All copyright Dead People's Choice
All other tracks composed and performed by Jakob Bro

With contributions from
Implosion of Pruitt–Igoe was performed by Controlled Demolition, Inc. – Phoenix, Maryland, USA
Photographers of Jane Jacobs stills: Fred W. McDarrah and Frank Lennon 
Wonderful Copenhagen
Morris Terndrup Koefoed
Albert Weber Koefoed
Familien Federspiel
Villas Defines crew
Gehl Architects
Jan Gehl
Lars Gemzøe

The colonnades of the Danish pavilion decorated with presentations of the five agendas

The curators holding their opening speech.

Opening talk starring Jan Gehl, Bjarke Ingels, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen and Anupama Kundoo.

Credits: Story

Thank you to the exhibiting architects, The Danish Minister for Culture, Mr. Bertel Haarder, the Danish Arts Foundation, Realdania, the Dreyer Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Credits: All media
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