Xiang Yang's Intellectual Garden

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Solo Exhibition of Xiang Yang

This solo exhibition is a summary of Xiang’s work since his return to Beijing in 2010. It presents major new works: his signature thread sculptures, architectural installations, as well as works on paper and small-scale installations. In Xiang Yang’s Intellectual Garden, viewers are able to see the artist’s wide range of source material and depth of thinking.

The main piece of this exhibition, “Ultra Architecture-Garden in Mind”, was exhibited at Chinese Public Art in Kassel, 2012.

This grand-scale installation is a composition of antique Chinese furniture and wood structures. The reconstructed furniture loses its original function during this transformation.

The new composition becomes an abstract and futurist architectural space.

Two large thread installations extend out from opposite ends of the structure. One is a fine depiction of a famous painting, “Early Spring” by Guo Xi of the Song Dynasty; the other is an abstract composition of plans of Western cathedrals.

Colorful threads morph the content of the painting, which also dissolves the cultural message as the threads travelling within the space. Xiang heightens the exploratory participation required of the viewer by walking in or sitting inside the space.

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