A whole kimono from just a roll of fabric

The Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, FUREAIKAN

Did you know that each kimono is made from just one long roll of fabric?

The basic size of kimono is fixed. The common size of a kimono fabric roll is 0.38m × 13m.

However, there are several variations : for example, long-sleeved furisode needs more fabric, as well as a kimono for a person with long arms needs wider fabric, etc.

The kimono fabric roll is divided into 8 parts (2 sleeves, front body part, back body part, etc.). And each part is sewn by mainly straight line stitches.

Therefore, designers and craftsmen have to understand the making of kimono perfectly to materialize their ideal kimono design.

This kimono was also made from just a roll of silk fabric.

Every kimono has each story.When the kimono is displayed, you will feel it.

How to wear a kimono

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