A collection by Manon Kündig, MoMu Award winner 2012

The recipient of the 2012 MoMu Award was Manon Kündig (°1983, BNC, Switzerland).

She presented her graduate collection ‘Bowerbird’ at the MoMu Gallery.

The male bowerbird, a little creature that seduces the female by creating an odd composition of both natural and synthetic scraps to show off his creative skills, is a true freak of nature.

He is the central inspiration behind the eclectic silhouettes of this collection.

Just like the bowerbird, Manon Kündig also looked at her neighbours’ style for influences: being Swiss residing in Borgerhout, she integrated typical ornamentation, materials and silhouettes that can be seen in this and other district’s cultures.

Fusing good and bad taste, unconscious fashion and the male peacock, it shows how keeping up appearances can be done spontaneously and creatively.

Materials that pretend to be something different; camouflage prints that are not what they seem; faux carré scarves turned into jackets; in Manon Kündig’s world, rubbish and haute couture are no opposites.

As a true pick-up artist, Kündig collects inspiration from wherever she happens to find it, showing the beauty of l’art du hazard.

Credits: Story

Every year, MoMu awards a prize to one of the graduating Master students of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: originality, a strong visual language and craftsmanship are key ingredients for a collection to win a prize.

The MoMu Award gives a single student the opportunity to present his or her collection in an exhibition at the MoMu Gallery.

Special thanks to Manon Kündig and the photographers Boy Kortekaas, Michaël Smits and Etienne Tordoir.

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