Feb 25, 2017 - Sep 30, 2017

It’s not clear until the night falls 

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Respected for a unique, nationally recognized photographic work, in this exhibition Juliana Stein, brings photographs – a  few – with a considerable set of texts and words affixed as posters, as well as some objects. A sui-generis, somewhat puzzling articulation, as it befits the most potent artistic works, and which in practice shows a broad understanding of photography, since all phrases, words or drawings have, directly or indirectly, relation with photography and with the act of seeing. But insofar as they behave as open structures, invitations to reflection, images, words and selected texts are eminently poetic, and the exhibition, although it may be qualified as photography, is, above all, visual poetry.
we | knot, 2017
The perspective of reading space, the use of words and their relations to the image is the central idea in this work. It is not about communicating what is coded within an image or within a logic of reality, the interpretation of a hidden meaning. The practice of photography is seen by the artist as a reading practice that refers to a writing that doesn’t show itself as a whole, but as the effect of the position we occupy in relation to what we say.
"Photography has this characteristic of trace, of having been in front of the object and, in spite of this, of functioning within a circuit while something is missing.  The photographic image is the record of something, but of what? Taking a position in relation to this nebulous truth that something was there of photography, I appeal to what is disposed as a statute of the letter, a unitary trace of writing that appears like a knowledge that is unknown." by Juliana Stein
"It is not clear until the night falls is an attempt to articulate photographic spaces around the opaque meaning of things e.that escape and that inscribe us more than we are able write about them.  Fearing and desiring to be, myself, in a not so visible position, I occupy myself here precisely of these things that only reveal and clarify themselves when we look at them sideways." Juliana Stein
Visual art
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It’s not clear until the night falls Juliana Stein

Curatorship: Agnaldo Farias

Promotion: Oscar Niemeyer Museum

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