TACTUS SENSE OF TOUCH: The life and fashion philosophy of HANEZA

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Explore the retrospective exhibition celebrating 40 years of Korea's most poetic designer

HANEJA                               Tactus Sense of Touch
Korean fashion designer Haneza was chosen, by Seoul Design Foundation in 2017, to be the second icon taking part of the prestigious ’Honorary Designer Archive Exhibition’. Han Hye Ja’s retrospective exhibition “Tactus: Sense of Touch” depicts his anguished feelings over passion and philosophy. Focusing on intuitive pieces through dramatic storylines, inspired by natural objects such as rocks, moss, trees and wind. More than 80 pieces of art including three art installations are displayed, and the artistically formative "Art-to-wear" works and various objects which  has been designer's sources of inspiration. The famous art director Suh, Young Hee participated in planning and styling of exhibition.


Haneza has launched her brand ITALIANA in 1972 and has an active fashion designer for more than 40 years. She is now in her 70s. As a master artisan and an iconic fashion designer with unique stories found in her designs, her masterpieces have emphasized more on boldness and comfort rather than simply being feminine for women's wear.

1.Pierrot Lunaire / 2. Time, Burnt-out  / 3.Nightscape / 4.Cantabile / 5. LInk / 6.The Crinckled / 7.Air-Dressed / 8.The Lost Wedding Day / 9.Heavy Gaze / 10.Secrecy of MInerals Ⅰ / 11.From Africa / 12.Kindred Spirits / 13.The Wet Earth / 14.Secrecy of MInerals Ⅲ / 15.Come Together
Section 1 Pierrot Lunaire
2009 S/S

Designer Haneza decpicts a dreamy and aesthetic scene from the lyrics and melodies of "Pierrot Lunaire" written by Arnold Schönberg.

Section 2 Time, Burnt-out
1996 Gwangju Biennale 

Haneza has always been interested in new materials. The slightly-burnt acrylic dress symbolizes our remorse for not being able to grasp time.

The slightly-burnt acrylic dress symbolizes our remorse for not being able to grasp time.

Section 3 Nightscape
2012 Vogue Exhibition

This is a pictorial representation of a lovely night city. Haneza collaborated with Swarovski crystals to present nightscape by dots with dazzling lights.

Section 4 Cantabile
1995 Fashion Group International Art-to-Wear show

Created with fishing lines and wine glasses on acrylic transparent fabric, this is one-of-a-kind glass dress emitting bright light and making charming sounds with every step.

Section 5 Link
1999 F/W

A refreshing hybrid of various materials and creative techniques, this work brilliantly expresses the weight of time.

Section 6 The Crinkled
1994 S/S

This is a beguiling reinterpretation of pleats with patchwork crinckle.

Section 7 Air-Dressed
2003 S/S New York Collection

Fit to be called "air-dressed," this draped dress will add more freedom to life.

Section 8 The Lost             Wedding Day
2011 Plateau Museum

This work had been in collaboration with artist Lee Yong-baek: 'Angel Soldier'.

Section 9 Heavy Gaze
2012 F/W

The padded fabrics with impressive prints are recreated into unique three-dimensional silhouettes.

Section 10 Secrecy of Minerals Ⅰ
2004 F/W

Brilliantly turning a glittering woman's top into a skirt, she completes another phase of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Section 11 From Africa
1987 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

This work delivers a fascinating image of primeval, but bountiful humans. (Presented at the 1987 Contemporary Art and Fashion Exhibition)

Section 12 Kindred Spirits
1988 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The designer seeks to have a good grasp and understanding of human nature by using 'natural' Manila hemp.

Section 13 The Wet Earth
1994 S/S

Han has created her unique texture to express the discoloration and sedimentation caused by the passage of time on her art pieces, the earth. She stitched colored string on velvet fabric to express the moss on a rock.

"There are various things on the surface of the earth. You can find rocks, water streaming and stones shining in reflection of sunshine. All these installations and designs are from my personal experience and I am happy that they are shown well in my work,"

Section 14 Secrecy of Minerals Ⅲ
2002 F/W

Using leaf-shaped water-thin films, the designer creates a buoyant blend of stratum, rock, earth, moss and reflection of light.

Section 15 Come Together
2010 Icheon World Ceramic Exhibition

She wittily expresses a warm gaze at humans by using such unconventional materials as wire sponges.

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Photo by: Lee Jongkeun

Directing by: Seo Young Hee

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