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Memory of High Fashion in Campinas

The gliding of the scissors on the fabric, without resorting to pencil and paper, just to the clients’ wishes, revealed the talent of Mariazinha Boccaletti, or Maria Lulu. She relied on nothing but her own sensibility to match the fabric to the client’s personality. At this showing, the Memory Center of the Unicamp tells a part of her history, contained in a photographic collection that consists of 1020 images, taken between 1958 and 1992. The highlights are photos of the fashion shows done by Mariazinha at the Campinas Tennis Club and the Weekly Artistic Culture Club during the 1970’s and the 1980’s, of social events, winners of beauty pageants, and also of those chosen as “Campinas’ top ten most ellegant”, dressed in her creations.
Already in the 1920’s, Mariazinha introduced color in the black outfits of the women in the arab community, among them her mother, as she began to take classes of cutting and sewing at the age of 12, after dropping out of school. At 16, she received her first order: a prom dress for Mrs. Marina Marcondes; she made her breakthrough as fashion designer by making a dress to Elisa Strachman, daughter of the local industralist Moyses Strachman. Born on December 15, 1913, daughter of the Lebanese Sucena Gebara and the Syrian Jacob Jorge, by then owners of a haberdashery store in Campinas, the fashion designer, Mariazinha got married on July 28, 1937, to the musician Julio Boccaletti, with whom she had three children: Julmar, Antônio Carlos and Maria Auxiliadora.
Still surrounded by scissors, fabrics, threads and ideas, Madame Bocalletti passed away on June 10, 1992, aged 78. She had been one of Campinas’ most important fashion designers between the decades of 1960 and 1980, a favorite of the local elite, in a moment that saw the establishment of the first high fashion maisons and the arrival of prêt-á-porter clothing – which gave impulse to the fashion industry in Brazil.   
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