Fashion Graduate #2  Timo Zündorf

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

World top fashion is made in Antwerp. Discover new, wayward design talents. Here's Timo's    2016 graduation process at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: Brink.

Mind the edge. Go forward. Push yourself. Start again. Push yourself. Then graduate. And start all over again.

The way we dress reflects the world we’re in. To me it seems that we’re caught up by self-protection and the longing for intimacy at the same time, as a reaction to the chaos and violence we experience today.

What do you see when you look around you?

A collection of sketches, inspirational images, drawings, fabrics ... The idea is to make a spectrum that goes from lightness to something that will be quite heavy and aggressive.

Ideas and inspiration are structured in a number of booklets.

All spreads of different booklets make a new whole. Each one brings its own story or vibration.

In the first phase of my education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts I started my design process by drawing. But for my graduation project I really wanted to construct items of clothing. Not an idea of a jacket, but a jacket.

I started to cut up pieces and work with them on the dress form. I made little sketches, like quick ideas about where I would maybe make a cut and then I would start working on the mannequin and putting it together. Collaging it in a way.

The small depot where the graduation expo took place, breathes Timo's process starting point. Not only the space itself - with (closed) garage doors - but also the whole set-up.

Mostly the denim is re-used. It's a first step to an ecological way of fashion design.

Fashion design is about long-term collaboration and artistic product creation where growth is not a financial matter, but a challenge of design. The world is inside of you.

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We could dive into Timo's fascinating world thanks to his willingness to share his thoughts and images. Thanks, Timo!

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