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Re-View——Opening Exhibition part of Cases·History

There were also a number of artists in the 1990s who immersed themselves in the world of art. It was they who made possible the development of concept art in China. Globalization has brought about economic growth and scientific progress, both of which have shed light on artists' thought and provided them with a new background for creation.While mechanical technology, and cyber society have unleashed artistic imagination and productivity, new problems have emerged one after another as well. With regards to painting, artists such as Ding Yi,Wang Xingwei, Zhou Tiehai,Wang Yin, Yan Lei, Chen Wenbo, and Xie Nanxing have forged a spontaneous trend of artistic studies on the understanding and development of painting. Their spiritual exploration of contemporariness and the experience they have accumulated so far have created a unique scene composed of individual efforts and respective achievements.

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Director:Wang Wei
Curator:Wang Huangsheng,Cao Qinghui,Guo Xiaoyan

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